Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Win our Mother`s Day Gift Basket!

win this gift basket for Mother's Day 2014 from

On May 8, 1914, the U.S. Congress established the second Sunday of May as Mother's Day. Canada made it official the following year. 100 years later, on May 11th, 2014, we will celebrating Mother's Day with all of the special women in our lives.

The Creative Bag staff wanted to do something special for Mother's Day this year and we came up with the idea creating a special giveaway. We gathered a number of our favourite items and packaged them in a gift basket that was decorated and ready to be given to one lucky Mom (Grandmother, Aunt or whoever you want!)

Inside our gift basket is the new sorbet gift set collection (a 4 piece bath set, bath salts and hand soap), a silver pen with clear diamond accent, a heart shaped measuring spoon set, and two silver votiles. It's a $60 retail value (not including shipping). 

Enter below to win our Mother's Day Giveaway!

I've just created a new Pinterest board featuring lots of ideas for celebrating mother's day on Pinterest. I've been collecting ideas for unique gift wrapping, diy projects, free downloads and entertaining ideas. Follow along as I will be adding new pins over the next few weeks. 

Creative Bag's Creative Mother's Day Pinterest board

Good Luck!!!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Easter candy bag favor packaging and a free download from Petite & Sweet

Easter candy bag favors and free download | Creative Bag |Petite & Sweet

Here's a cute idea for Easter - candy bag favors decorated with cute bunny ears. This idea was featured on Petite & Sweet's Easter YouTube video and the download for the ears can be found here

Here's a quick tutorial on how to create these candy bag favors yourself!
Easter candy bag favor tutorial and free download | Creative Bag | Petite & Sweet

1. Gather your supplies. Our flat bottom candy bags with oval window, candy, scissors, two sided tape and white cardstock. Download the art for the bunny ears from here and print on white cardstock on your colour printer. 
2. Fill the candy bag with candy of your choice. Fold the top flap on the bag and seal to close.
3. Cut out the bunny ears.
4. Add two-sided tape to the bottom edge of each bunny ear as shown above. 
5. Attach bunny ears to top of candy bag and repeat on another bag!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Easter sweet table how to video on YouTube - you're going to like this!

Easter sweet table diy as seen on YouTube | Petite & Sweet | Creative Bag (.com)

I am so excited to tell you all about the YouTube video series that we are working on with Petite & Sweet. Elle Daftarian approached us a little while ago about her idea for hosting a series of how to videos and posting them on YouTube. Elle has been one of our customers for an number of years and we enjoyed watching her show, Sugar Stars, on the Food Network. We are delighted to be working with Elle and her team on this project. Elle is so creative (and sweet) and she is going to share with all of us her secrets & tips for putting together her signature sweet tables. Of course, Elle will be using lots of Creative Bag products in the videos!!

The first video is live now. It's themed for an Easter sweet table. There are so many great ideas and most of the ideas and tips can be any sweet table set up ... not just Easter. 

If you hop over to the Petite & Sweet blog you can find the free downloads for all of the projects shown in the Easter themed video as well as some recipes. 

I shot some close ups of the sweet table as we were filming and so you could see them. The links to the products are under each photo.

Easter sweet table diy as seen on YouTube | Petite & Sweet | Creative Bag (.com)

(pictured above top left to right): 
1. Download the bunny ears, print them on white cardstock and attach them to our stand up candy bags for a cute, quick and easy Easter favor.
2. Marshmallows were decorated with edible ink pens to look like bunny faces and arranged in metal buckets decorated with ribbons and sizzle. Our ceramic Easter bunny heads (which are sold out now - sorry) were used to display mini cupcakes that Elle decorated to look like birds nests. 

(bottom left to right):
1. Colourful cake pops were made a little more special by adding our paper straws to the lollipop stick. They were displayed on the sweet table in one of our white baskets that was decorated with ribbon and sizzle.
2. Our glass beverage serving dispenser can be ordered online - make it special by adding ribbons and one of the downloadable labels. Add colourful paper straws to simple drinking glasses and for a fun detail there's an adorable download that can be added to the straws.

Easter sweet table diy as seen on YouTube | Petite & Sweet | Creative Bag (.com)

(pictured above top):
We have so many different sizes and shapes of glass jars that can be used for candies. Many can only be purchased in our stores but there are a few glass containers that can be ordered online. Decorate the tops of the glass jars with ribbons and tags from the download. Don't forget to put out a few scoops so that guests can help themselves. I love how Elle added assorted ribbons to our plain boxes and used them to give different containers on the table some height.

(bottom left to right):
1.We have a great assortment of glass bottles available in stores and online. These ones are adorable grouped together. Just add a single flower to each vase! Pretty and so easy - anyone can do this - and it's a great way to add some floral elements to your sweet table.
2. Download the bunny glasses and nose, print them on thick white card stock and attach wood sticks to create these fun Easter props. These are cute as a display element on the sweet table even if you don't have a photo booth. Although I bet there will be a lot of selfies taken with these adorable items hanging around.

Easter sweet table diy as seen on YouTube | Petite & Sweet | Creative Bag (.com)

(pictured above left to right):
Some of our backdrop elements ... 
1. Tissue paper tassels were added to our paper lanterns for a nice detail.  I added a couple of pieces of gold mylar sizzle to each paper tassel by simply adding them in as I twisted the tissue. You can find my tutorial for making tissue paper tassel garlands here. 
2. Instead of attaching the tissue paper tassels as single tassels along the twine they were arranged in bunches. 

Our linen bunting is available in two different shapes. I painted the linen bunting using acrylic paint and chalkboard paint. You can find my instructions for painting on linen bunting here. We added more strands of gold mylar sizzle to the bunting by simply tying it together and looping it over the string. The bunting and tissue paper tassel garland were hung diagonally so that they would cross over one another.

Like what you see? Click on the video below to see it. We hope that you "Like" it.

FYI - Kerry and I didn't know that we would be in the video but we have a little cameo at the end. Honestly, we thought that the group shots were just going to be for photos for the blog.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Fabric flowers just in time for spring/summer celebrations!

Use fabric flowers in your wedding and party decor |
Planning a wedding or party with a vintage, rustic, natural or woodland theme? We have a variety of fabric floral products that will make a perfect addition to your decorating theme.

You can use the fabric flowers in so many ways. Here's some examples of my favourite ways to use them right now:

Use fabric flowers in your wedding and party decor |

Attach fabric flowers to our burlap, linen and cotton bags to make lovely favor bags. 

Add to your table decor by using fabric flowers on burlap bags large enough to hold bottles of water (or wine). I added a chalkboard sign to the bottle bag so I could number the tables.

Use fabric flowers in your wedding and party decor |

Candles and vases can easily be customized using fabric flowers and assorted ribbons. Here I used a combination of fabric ribbon, lace ribbon, burlap ribbon and small linen flowers attached to twine. 

Fabric flowers can be added to vases or just scattered on the table as I did on my centrepiece display. 

Create your own diy fabric flower bouquet |

I love how our single fabric flowers with stems were used to create the diy wedding bouquet above.

fabric flowers from

Here are a few of my favourite fabric flowers - at the moment. From left to right: burlap flowers from David Tutera's wedding collection, spool of linen flowers on twine, linen flowers on stems and linen flowers on twine.

ruffled fabric ribbon |

This the ruffled fabric ribbon that I used on the candles .... it is so beautiful. Use it by itself or layer it with other ribbons for a unique look.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Contest to win a handmade brooch bouquet!

enter to win this beautiful handmade brooch bouquet | Creative Bag

One of our very crafty home office staff created this stunning wedding brooch bouquet using our brooches and ribbon. We are going to give it away to one lucky Creative Bag customer. It could be YOU! Contest ends on Monday April 7th, 2014.

Enter into our contest to win this lovely bouquet below.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Coming Soon! Do-It-Yoursself YouTube videos with Elle Daftarian from Petite & Sweet

Elle Daftarian from Petite & Sweets | coming soon ... diy sweet table videos

I had a great week at work this week ...well, to be honest, I usually have a great week at work (I LOVE working at Creative Bag!) ... but this week was exceptional. Creative Bag has teamed up with the very talented Elle Daftarian of Petite & Sweet and together we are creating a series of DIY YouTube videos that we know you are going to want to watch. 

Elle Daftarian is the owner and creative director of Petite & Sweet a lifestyle and event planning company. Elle creates one of a kind dessert table and stylized events. 

You may also recognize Elle as one of the stars of Sugar Stars - a very popular reality show that airs on the Food Network. Sugar Stars exposes the details, deadlines and drama behind Petite & Sweet's event planning empire. 

The first video will be up in another week or so. I'll add the link here on the blog as soon as it is available. So stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Sweet table supplies - some of our favourites!

Fabulous diy sweet table supplies for parties, weddings and special events |

A party without cake is just a meeting. Add a beautiful sweet table to your party and you've got a celebration that will have everyone talking long after the party ends.

Just in case you didn't know already - we have EVERYTHING that you need to create your own sweet tableLet me show you some of my favourites ... 

Fabulous diy sweet table supplies for parties, weddings and special events |

Glassware. Whether you are looking for candy jars or mason jars we've got a great selection in store for you. Most of our glassware is only available in store (or pick up from our warehouse) but we do have a few glassware options at Creative Bag Wedding that can be shipped out and you can see them here.

Ribbon. We have a large selection of ribbons and I'm sure that you will find something to match your colours and theme. Tie ribbons onto glassware to hold signage or to just add a little colour pop!

Paper Straws. These fun and colourful classics are not just for drinking! Use them to create marshmallow treats - you can find my tutorial for making them here.

Candy Scoops. Add some candy scoops inside each jar so that guests can serve themselves. 

Fabulous diy sweet table supplies for parties, weddings and special events |

Rosanna Cake Stands and Bon Bon Footed Bowls. Unfortunately, we don't have these on our website but we do carry them in all of our stores. We have a great variety of different sizes and shapes and we are always adding new styles. 

Lollipop Sticks & Cupcake Liners. Add ribbon or washi tape to lollipop sticks for a fun detail on your cake pops. We have a variety of different cupcake liners and our selection is always changing.

Chalkboard Stickers. Add chalkboard stickers to wood skewers and create your own cupcake decorations. Tip: Use chalk markers on the stickers before adding them to the wood skewers.
Fabulous diy sweet table supplies for parties, weddings and special events |

Card Holders. Escot card holders can also be used on a sweet table to hold signage. We have a large selection of card holders like this one and you can find them here  at Creative Bag Wedding.

Wrapping Paper. Use wrapping paper to create book covers and then use the books to elevate your cake stands and glassware.

Fabulous diy sweet table supplies for parties, weddings and special events |

Candy Bags. Whether you use candy bags to package take home favors or just want to set out the bags for guests to fill themselves, you are sure to find lots of candy bag options to add to your sweet table decor. Bags with flat bottoms can be set up as you see them in neat little rows.

Baker's Twine & Chalkboard Tags. Use these to decorate plain candy bags and make them your own. Baker's twine is available in many different colours and new colour combinations are always being added. We have a variety of different chalkboards with clips that are easy to add to bag tops ... add a name or thank you message to each bag to personalize!

Fabulous diy sweet table supplies for parties, weddings and special events |

Linen Favor Bags. These ones have been embellished with glitter (find my tutorial here) and filled with more take home treats. If you are thinking about using any of our fabric bags to package candies it is best to use wrapped candies as these are not food safe.

Lunch Boxes. Display favor bags in a lunch box styled container. Our kraft lunch boxes can be painted to match your colour theme. I used black chalkboard paint on the one pictured above.

Market Trays. The wood market trays are perfect for presenting and organizing treats on the table. I turned a small one over here to elevate the lunch box filled with favor bags.

Mason Jars, Daisy Lids and Paper Straws. Fill them with milk or juice for little guests or something a little more "grown up" for your adult guests! Everyone will love them.

cute diy bunting inspiration for parties, weddings and special events |

Linen Bunting. Give your sweet table some height by hanging a fun bunting above. In my last post I gave you some tips and tricks on how to decorate our plain linen and burlap banners. 
Here's how I painted the banners above using inexpensive acrylic craft paint:
1. Trace a saying onto the bunting using a disappearing ink fabric pen and then use paint to write out your saying. I used a mix of black and gold sparkle paint in my example.
2. Paint the banner black - I used black chalkboard paint on mine. Then paint a few colourful flowers or whatever you want to add a decorative element. I can add a letter or number to the blank space to personalize this banner over and over again with chalk markers
3. Use painter's tape to create stripes. Tip: I covered the entire banner with rows of painter's tape and removed select strips of tape to create the stripes.
4. Using a glass as a template and a disappearing ink fabric pen, I drew out a polka dot pattern. Tip: I wrote what colour to paint each dot so I could work out my pattern before painting.
5. Paint each banner a solid colour if you want to keep this simple!

Ok, are you in the mood for some sweets? I am!!

Fabulous diy sweet table supplies for parties, weddings and special events |

We are working on a special sweet table project with Petite & Sweet. Stay tuned for more details!