Monday, 30 March 2015

Easter Holiday Hours and inspiration from our Pinterest boards

Just a reminder that all of our store locations will be closed this Friday April 3, 2015 and Sunday April 5th. Stores will be open regular hours on Saturday. 

Find details about our regular store hours for each of our store locations here.

Looking for some yummy Easter inspiration and unique packaging ideas? Check out our Pinterest boards. Here's a few of our recent pins ...

nEaster inspirational ideas from our Pinterest board | Creative Bag

Here's the links to pins (from top to bottom, left to right):
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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

diy candle favors using our love-ly mini mason jars

diy candle favors | Creative Bag

Here's a unique diy wedding favor idea that is easy to create in an afternoon and one that you can personalize in so many ways. I used soy wax flakes and our small "love" mason jars to create these candle favors. 

You can add colour to the wax to match your wedding colours or leave the wax white as I did. You can use one colour wax or layer several different colours together! It's easy to add a scent to the wax using concentrated fragrance oils.  I wanted my favor to co-ordinate with a confetti theme, so I added coloured candy confetti to the wax after I poured it into the jar. The jar lid can be personalized with custom printed stickers. I also added a large paper flower to a gift tag and attached the tag to the mini mason jar using baker's twine.

diy candle favors | Creative Bag

Here's what I used to create my candle favor: mini love mason jar, soy wax flakes, 2.5" candle wicks with tab, glue dot, chop sticks or similar, baker's twine, measuring cup or similar to melt wax in, medium saucepan (to use as double boiler), water, candy confetti.

Optional - essential oils for fragrance and/or wax dye. Follow instructions on packaging for these elements if you are going to add them to the wax.

diy candle favors | Creative Bag

1. I used a 2.5" standard candle wick with tab in this project because it was the perfect height for the jar. (Basically, I could not see the point in paying extra money for the 6" wicks when I knew I would be cutting the wick down to 2.5" at the end.) To keep the wick from falling over when you are adding the wax to the jar, simply place a glue dot on the bottom of the tab and adhere it to the bottom centre of the jar. To keep the wick straight, tie a piece of baker's twine to the top of the wick and wind the twine around a chop stick as shown above.

2. Melt your soy wax flakes according to the packaging instructions. I was only making one candle so I melted my wax in small quantities. I placed a small glass bowl with some soy wax flakes into a small saucepan of boiling water and left it to melt for about a minute before stirring. I would suggest using a small Pyrex measuring cup instead of a glass bowl to melt the wax if you have one - it's easier to pour the melted wax into the jar.

3. I poured the melted wax in layers into the mason jar so that the candy confetti did not all fall to the bottom of the jar. I waited for each layer to dry before pouring more wax into the jar.

4. Once the mason jar is as full as you would like, let the wax dry completely for a few hours before removing the baker's twine from the wick.

diy candle favors | Creative Bag

Decorate your jars as you would like using custom stickers and/or hang tags.

diy candle favors | Creative Bag

diy candle favors | Creative Bag

Chalkboard stickers and paper tags can also be decorated with custom stamps using ink or chalk markers. I showed you how to do that here with ink and here with chalk markers.

Friday, 13 March 2015

you can do it yourself - customize our cotton and burlap tote bags

you can do it yourself - customize tote bags | Creative Bag

Our custom service department specializes in creating custom bags for retail stores and special events. But if you are looking for just a few bags to use for a birthday party, shower or wedding we have a variety of plain reusable bags that you can purchase in smaller quantities and personalize yourself. 

Two of the bags that I like to purchase for my own personal use and to give away as gifts are our large burlap and cotton tote bags. 

you can do it yourself - customize tote bags | Creative Bag

The cotton tote bag is reusable and great to use as a shopping bag or book bag. They are inexpensive, come in a number of different colours and make a great favor bag for events. I like the natural ones the best because they are like blank canvases just waiting for me to embellish them!

you can do it yourself - customize tote bags | Creative Bag

I used a light colour iron on transfer on this sample. I created my own design on my computer and printed it onto the transfer paper using my ink jet printer. You use an ordinary iron to add the design to the bag and all of the instructions are on the packaging.

I created the glitter heart using an iron on glitter material made by Circut. We have a few rolls of the gold glitter iron on in our Toronto Store right now. The glitter iron on is very simple to use - simply cut it out with scissors and iron it onto your bag. I actually used a heart shaped paper punch to cut out my heart shape for this bag.

you can do it yourself - customize tote bags | Creative Bag

I have not had much success using iron on transfers on our burlap bags. The weave of the burlap is just too open for most iron on designs that I have tried. I really like this burlap tote because it is great for the beach (think destination wedding guest/favor bag) or using around town to carry books or a laptop. I did find that the iron on glitter material worked really well on the burlap bag. Here you can see that I cut out a large bird shape on my tote bag. I think that I these bags would be lovely decorated with large glitter hearts for a shower or wedding gift.

personalized tote bags for wedding favors & destination guest bags | Creative Bag Wedding

By the way, if you are looking for custom tote bags for a wedding and are not into diy projects - we do have a variety of tote bags with different designs that you can order and personalize online. Find them here!

Monday, 9 March 2015

new econo candy bags

candy packaging | Creative Bag

We are excited to announce the arrival of our exclusive new line of Creative Bag Econo Hard Bottom Candy BagsAvailable in packs of 100 (1000/case) in 5 different sizes. You can save up to 50% off the cost of our regular flat bottom candy bags!
candy packaging | Creative Bag

Our customers are so creative and we know that you will come up with lots more ideas for using these food safe bags to package lots of yummy treats. 

These bags are also suitable for wedding and party favors.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Hello Spring!

David Tutera tissue and mylar garland kit - add a few tassels to a large balloon for a fun wedding or party photo prop | Creative Bag

We are so ready for spring at Creative Bag! It may be snowing outside today but our stores look like a greenhouse filled with all of the happy colours of spring.

Here's a few of my favourites ... so far!!!

spring packaging | Creative Bag

We've also received a number of new wedding products in the stores. The first picture above features a few of the tassel from the David Tutera tissue and mylar garland on a large balloon. It's a great prop to use for decor and photos at a wedding or birthday party.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

tea packaging inspiration

Looking for a unique way to package tea? We have a number of different packaging options and here's just a few ideas on how to customize them yourself ...

tea wedding favor | Creative Bag

This first sample could be used as a wedding or party favor. This diy project requires loose leaf tea, our clear pails, printable sticker labels, ribbon and rhinestone brooches. Fill the mini pails with the tea of your choice and then add a sticker label to the front. Select a ribbon that will match your label and is a good size to tie onto the pail handle. If you are looking for an extra special detail, check out our selection of rhinestone brooches. We used a brooch with a magnetic back on this favor.

packaging for tea | Creative Bag

Our tin tie coffee bags can be filled with tea bags or loose leaf tea. This one was designed as a favor for a vintage themed wedding. Washi tape was used to attach the decorative antique spoon to the bag and we finished with a custom label and linen ribbon.

packaging for tea | Creative Bag

Our tin tie coffee bags with windows are available in kraft as shown and white in a few different sizes. To customize these bags we added sticker labels above the windows. The bag on the right has a ribbon detail that we added to the label ... this would be a great branding element if you used a custom ribbon

packaging for tea | Creative Bag

Our tin containers are ideal for packaging tea and they are available in a number of different shapes and sizes. These containers were customized with sticker labels, ribbon and washi tape. 

If you are packaging tea for wholesale or retail and require larger quantities of containers,  you may want to contact our custom packaging department to get more information on what we can do for you.

By the way, I used our blank sticker labels on all of these projects and printed them on a colour printer. If you are looking for custom labels for your wedding - you can a great select here and they can be easily personalized online.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

diy favors using our glass containers

diy tea favor inspiration from Creative Bag

I've talked to a number of brides in the past few weeks who were looking for favor packaging ideas for tea, specifically the loose leaf tea that has become so popular. So today I'm going to share a couple of favor ideas for loose leaf tea in our small glass containers with cork tops. These favors could be used for weddings but I think that they would be equally lovely at a shower or special party.

diy tea favor inspiration from Creative Bag

Pink bakery twine was tied around the top of this bottle. I created a simple watercolour paper tag that I could add to the cork top using a decorative pin.

diy tea favor inspiration from Creative Bag

I wanted guests to know what kind of tea was inside the container so I used the watercolour paper tag as a label. If you can't find decorative pins like the one I used, simply glue a fancy bead to the end of a long pin to create your own.

diy tea favor inspiration from Creative Bag

The next favor takes a little more work to put together and is a little more expensive to create but it is worth the extra effort and makes a wonderfully useful gift.

diy tea favor inspiration from Creative Bag

Lace ribbon was used to attach a tea scoop and infuser to the glass containerThe favor also doubles as an escort card holder. You can see how I attached the watercolour paper escort card to the tea scoop using two sided tape on this next photo ...

diy tea favor inspiration from Creative Bag

 Washi tape was added to hold the tea scoop in place - you could also use lace tape or glitter tape.

We have lots of other glass containers and paper bags to store larger amounts of tea. Check them out on our website or come visit one of our stores!